Two Years Old and Toddling

second blogiversary

Two fingers up! It’s our 2nd Blogiversary

Again this year, blogging about parenting has received less of my time and attention than actual parenting. Family life comes first!

Like a typical toddler, Parenting in the Sweet Spot in its second year took a few spills while exploring. When this site got hacked, I learned the importance of site security. When social media sites switched things up, I adapted. It’s all part of the growing-up process.

I’ve been most active with posting on Facebook and Pinterest. There has been slow but steady growth in social media activity: on Facebook, Sweet Spot has 92 likes; on Pinterest, there are 122 followers, 44 boards, and 856 pins. The FB post with the top reach of the year was Anita Renfroe’s now-classic “Mom Song” video, which reached over 1,000 friends. I haven’t tweeted much this year; if I did get active on Twitter, would you follow?

Over at Pinterest in the Sweet Spot, you’ll find boards for each age group from Get Ready for Pregnancy all the way through Grandparenting. Also featured are numerous boards about creativity and play, as well as birthday party and gift ideas for different ages, enriching activities and environments, and encouragement for parents.

Check out Sweet Spot on Facebook each Friday for family activity ideas I call “Friday Night Fun”, and on Saturdays, look for Sweet Spot posts called “Saturday Night Laughs!” for some of the internet’s favorite funny baby and kid videos. If parenting doesn’t make you laugh a lot, then keep looking to Parenting in the Sweet Spot for help with finding the joy in it.