Parenting in the Sweet Spot is One Year Old!

Parenting in the Sweet Spot is one year old

First Blogiversary!

It’s been one year to the day that the first blog post went up on Parenting in the Sweet Spot. I must say that this has been one of the most fun and satisfying activities of my life … thanks for joining me on this adventure! Here is my very first State-of-the-Blog report.

For most of this past year, blogging about parenting took a back seat to actual parenting. My four adult sons have been living at home and commuting to their campus that’s a half hour away. This is definitely the most frugal way to attend college! So our home has continued to resemble Grand Central Station.

At the beginning of 2013, things settled down enough for me to put more energies towards this site. So far, I’ve added several categories, posted quite a few articles, and made ongoing tweaks to the site’s design. I’ve also recently added Facebook (53 Likes as of today – I’m really enjoying the daily posts and seeing the responses to them), Pinterest (24 boards and counting! I’m really visually oriented, so I LOVE this site), and Twitter (23 followers and 36 tweets to date – just getting cranked up here).

I feel like I’ve just begun to delve into the deep about human growth and development – there is SO MUCH to know. And I’m discovering that the topic of parenting styles is more significant than I’d originally thought, so I have now included this in the mix.

Your reactions and comments are both fascinating and encouraging to me. Fascinating, because you are giving me a window into what’s helpful and relevant to you. Encouraging, because your responses let me know that what I’m sharing is significant, and makes a positive difference for you. Hearing from you is a huge part of what keeps me going with Parenting in the Sweet Spot! I appreciate you so much!

So just like a one-year-old child, this blog is just getting on its feet. I invite you to toddle into the year ahead with me!